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There are two way to use "Key for Restaurant"
1. Direct enter the URL( in your browser's address window(No extra software is required);
2. Install "Key for Restaurant" Android client in your Android devices.
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Click here to look at the typical  Sample Network Diagram. The Network can be built with single machine to a complicated system with hundreds of machines. Please try out our  Sample

Minimum hardware requirements:
One or more PCs or tablets with Internet connection , one or more Android phones or Iphone and a printer.


  1. Use client and server model, any number of computers can connect, which including PCs, tablets,  pocket PCs and cell phones.
  2. Use cell phone to take orders for customers.Cook right after confirmation, orders are sent to the kitchen wirelessly, waiters don't have to go in the kitchen to hand in the orders.
  3. While you are placing orders for customers, the system also sends the same orders hiddenly to different email addresses that you have setup, in case of system down or no Internet, you still have a way to charge your customers.
  4. Auto refresh of kitchen page, new orders show automatically. 
  5. Support dish ID ordering.
  6. Open architecture, you can add your own order pages with pictures. 
  7. Can store "take out" customer address information for next time use.
  8. Orders can be printed to kitchen directly.
  9. No calculation is needed, bills are ready for the customers.
  10. Can view all old bills and download as MS Spreadsheet.
  11. Can calculate total revenue in any period of time.
  12. Show twenty best selling dishes.
  13. Capable to handle tax.
  14. Easy to use, any one can learn in 5 minutes.
User's Manual for Restaurant Owners
User's Manual for Waiters
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Custom Pages:

Here are custom pages; you can add some special dishes here make them easier to access. You can add images for your dishes, but you have to change some html code in order to make them work. First add an image to the Images directory, and then set the DishNumber equal dish ID. To select a dish on these pages, simply click on the image. 

Forexample:<ahref="/Restaurant_en/CustomPage/Page1.aspx?DishNumber=1"><img src="/Restaurant_en/Images/beeftongue.gif " > </a>

If you want to put a dish with "dish ID" equal to 10 and image file is "Chicken.jpg" into the custom page, you need to modify the above link as below. 

<ahref="/Restaurant_en/CustomPage/Page1.aspx?DishNumber=10"><img src="/Restaurant_en/Images/Chicken.jpg" ></a>

You can have more than one custom page as below:

Roast Pork Shrimp French Snail Roast Squid Duck Feet
$14.50 $24.50 $14.50 $7.50 $17.50
Clam Dim Sum Chicken Feet Cold Pork Egg Roll
$34.00 $24.50 $8.50 $12.50 $9.50
Beef $4.50 Tomato $5.00
Melon $4.00 Rice $8.50
Table - All Dishes
ID Name  Price   Quantity  Sub-T
2 Beef 2.34 [ - ] 2 [ + ] 4.68
3 Cake 3.45 [ - ] 1 [ + ] 3.45
6 Broccoli 3.45 [ - ] 1 [ + ] 3.45
7 Fried Rice 5.45 [ - ] 1 [ + ] 5.45
8 Noodle 3.45 [ - ] 1 [ + ] 3.45
Total: 20.48
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