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Please send us your suggestions and feedback to: 888bid@gmail.com

You can use a cell phones, tablet or PC

Option 1. Browser
Enter http://free.888bid.com on the address window, click on "Key for Diner"

Option 2. "Key for Diner"
Intall "Key for Diner" on an Android Device

Order food online using your cell phone, tablets or PCs. In order to use Food Online, You must register first. Click here to register

It takes three steps to place an order:
  1. Login
  2. Menu
  3. Confirm
Please click sample to try the sample account

If your favorite restaurant is not on the restaurant list, please tell them to join. The restaurant must host its menu on "Key for Restaurant" before you can place an order. It is free to host your restaurant menu on free.888bid.com.

This part is for restaurant owners only:
To host menu on "Key for Restaurant", please click the following link below.

To take orders for your fast food restaurant and manage Internet orders, please click the following link below.
Key for Fast Food