User's Manual for Waiters

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This app provides a channel for waiters to place orders for a restaurant.The restaurant owner must input the restaurant menu to the system first before you can do something. To input a menu to the system, Please visit the following link. User's Manual for Restaurant Owner

Video Tutorial:
Order | Takeout

Waiters take 4 steps to place an order:

  1. New/Takeout/Ch-Tbl( Waiter )
  2. Menu( Waiter )
  3. Add Items to the order( Waiter )
  4. Confirm( Waiter )
  5. Kitchen( Chef )
  6. Bill/Check( Waiter & Cashier )

How to use the system to do business:

First assign a number to each table in your restaurant, if a table is share by many groups, append a, b, c, to the end of the table number to differentiate them.

New ( Create a New Table )£º
You have to "New" a table for every group of new coming customers. "New" prepares a table for a new group of customers. This group of customers will bind to the table, they are responsible to all spending on this table. After "New" a table, the table is becoming the active table, all dish selections will be added to the active table. Only one table can be the active table at a given time.

Tk-Out ( Takeout ):
This is used for takeout order only. To order, enter the customer name, to speed up the input, the name is not required to enter in full; only part of the name is required. If the customer is shown in the address list, pick the customer by clicking on the name. Otherwise, fill out the form for the new customer.

Ch-Tbl ( Change Active Table )£º
Active table is the table that is ready to take order. There is only one active table at a given time. "Chg-Table" enables you to change the current active table. To take order for a customers, first change the active table to the table that the customers are sitting.

Confirm the selection and send to kitchen for processing. You can repeat the cycle many times, all selections will be collected into one bill for the table until "check out".

Bill/Check ( Check Out Used by Cashiers )£º
When a customer finish dining, click "Chg-Tbl" change the active table to the table that this customer was using, click "Bill/Check" bring up the bill, after receiving payment from the customer, click "Pay&Print" or "Pay". Bill page requires large screen PCs or tablets, cell phone and pocket device's sreen are too small for this page in general. Enter the following link in your web browser to bring up the Bill page.


Kitchen£º( Used by Chefs)
After confirming the selection, the order is sent to the kitchen for processing. Pick an item to cook by clicking "Begin"; when cooking is finished, click "Done" to remove the item from the list. Kitchen page requires large screen PCs or tablets, cell phone and pocket device's sreen are too small for this page in general . Enter the following link in your web browser to bring up the Kitchen page.


Click here to look at the typical  Sample Network Diagram. The Network can be built with single machine to a complicated system with hundreds of machines. Please try out our  Sample


  1. Use client and server model, any number of computers can connect, especially pocket PCs and cell phones.
  2. Use cell phone to take orders for customers. Cook right after confirmation, orders are sent to the kitchen wirelessly, waiters don't have to go in the kitchen to hand in the orders.
  3. Auto refresh of kitchen page, new orders show automatically. 
  4. Support dish ID ordering.
  5. Open architecture, you can add your own order pages with pictures. 
  6. Can store "take out" customer address information for next time use.
  7. Orders can be printed to kitchen directly.
  8. No calculation is needed, bills are ready for the customers.
  9. Can view all old bills and download as MS Spreadsheet.
  10. Can calculate total revenue in any period of time.
  11. Show twenty best selling dishes.
  12. Capable to handle tax.
  13. Easy to use, any one can learn in 5 minutes.