User's Manual For Restaurant Owners

Before using the system, you must complete the following steps.

Minimum hardware requirements:
  1. Chefs:
    One or more PCs or large screen tablets with Internet connection.
    Kitchen page requires PCs screen or large screen tablets, cell phone and pocket device's sreen are too small for this page in general. Enter the following link in your web browser to bring up the Kitchen page.

  2. Cashiers:
    One or more PCs or large screen tablets with Internet connection and a printer.
    Bill page requires PC or big screen tablets, cell phone and pocket device's sreen are too small for this page in general. Enter the following link in your web browser to bring up the Bill page.

  3. Waiters/Waitresses:
    One or more Android phones or iPhones
Software Requirements:
Option 1: No software
Enter the following link in your web browser
Option 2: Use Android applications
Key or waiter or Key for restaurant

Video Tutorial (slow, be patient):  Register | Add Employee | Add Department | Add Category | Add Dish | Add Customer | Rotation | Order | takeout | Kitchen Reservation1 | Reservation2 | Report | Customer Info

We recommend you to complete the following steps using your PC because cell phone or tablet does not support some scripts. If you are using cell phone or tablet's browser, cannot open the menus, you can go to this page http://domain/Restaurant_en/Common/home.aspx, where domain can be or, click on the links to do the equivalent works.


  1. Register
  2. Add Department
  3. Add Dish Types
  4. Add Dishes
  5. Add Emails
  6. Add Employees
  7. Edit Tax Rate
  8. Add Preferences
  9. Edit Preferences

You must finish 1-4 before using the system and 5-9 before using it for your business.

1. Register (User-Services/Register)

Click User-Services and then Register


User ID Password

Fill out the form and click "Register" button. User ID is required to have at least 3 characters,and Password must contains 6 characters in length. Each restaurant has to register once only.

2. Adding Employees (Admin-Manage\Add Employee)

Click Admin-Manage, and then select Add Employee. Fill out the form and click "Add". A company should have at least two or more administrators. An administrotor can change the settings of your restaurant. 

Adding Employee

User ID        Password

3. Add Email Address (Admin-Manage\Add Email Address) You should add at least two email addresses from different providers. Every time an order is submit to the kitchen, the system will send emails to all the email addresses for backup records. If you suddently lose power or internet connection, You still can lookup your emails to bill the customers.

4. Adding Department (Dish-Manage\Add Department)

Department is another way of organizing dishes for a kitchen. Your restaurant may have many kitchen or departments to process orders. By dividing dishes into departments, each kitchen or department care only items related to them, filter out all of the rest and making the screen much cleaner. To do, click Dish-Manage\Add Department, enter a department name, and then click "Add". 

5. Adding Dish Types (Dish-Manage\Add Dish Type)

Click Dish-Manage\Add Dish Type,bring up the page as below 

Add Dish Type 
Dish Type 

First of all, group dishes into types make them more organize. Enter all types here one at a time.

6. Adding Dish  (Dish-Manage\Add Dish)

Adding Dish
Dish Name
Dish Type
Dish ID
Ready(Dish is ready to serve, no cooking is needed)

Fill out the form and click "Submit" where "Dish ID" must be unique,

7. Edit Tax Rate (Admin-Manage\Edit Tax)

Enter new tax rate to the system。

8. Add Preferences(Dish-Manage\Add Preferences)

You can pre-enter some most frequentyly ask items to speed up entering customer request. You can enter many items at once, separete each of them by a semicolon.
For Example: No Salt; No Sugar; No MSG; Well Done; Under Done

9. Edit Preferences (Dish-Manage\Edit Preferences)

10. Best Selling Dishes (User-Services\Best Selling Dishes)

List twenty best selling dishes, this helps manager making better decision in the future services.

11. Search Old Bills (User-Services\Search Old Bills)

10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes
60 minutes Today This Month
This Period
From  To Format: mm/dd/yyyy
Note:Table is not necessary

Select a time period, if you enter table number, it will reduce number of bills.

12. Income Report ( Admin\Income Report )

Calculate the total revenue in the period。

13. Search Dish ( Dish-Manager\Search Dish )

Enter fragment of dish ID, name or type to initiate search. 

14. System ID * ( System-Info\System ID )

Look up the system ID of your system. You need the system ID to purchase token。

15. View All Tokens * ( System-Info\View Tokens )

Display all tokens in your system.

16. How to select a dish (Order/Menu/Search Dish/Customize)

All of the following items are used for selecting dishes.
Order: Use dish ID for selecting dishes, you can enter more than one dish ID at a time, separate them by spaces.
Menu: Show all dish types, clicking dish type display all dish belong to the type and click "add" associated with the dish add the dish to the selection. 
Search Dish: Dishes can be search by piece of their type, name or ID. From the search result, click "Add" add the dish to the selection.
Customize: Here are custom pages; you can add some special dishes here make them easier to access. You can add images for your dishes, but you have to change some html code in order to make them work. First add an image to the Images directory, then set the DishNumber equal dish ID. To select a dish on these pages, simply click on the image. 

Forexample:<ahref="/Restaurant_en/CustomPage/Page1.aspx?DishNumber=1"><img src="/Restaurant_en/Images/beeftongue.gif " > </a>

If you want to put a dish with "dish ID" equal to 10 and image file is "Chicken.jpg" into the custom page, you need to modify the above link as below. 

<ahref="/Restaurant_en/CustomPage/Page1.aspx?DishNumber=10"><img src="/Restaurant_en/Images/Chicken.jpg" ></a>

You can have more than one custom page as below:

[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]

Beef Clamp Chicken Broccoli Beef
$4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $4.50
Cake Rice Chicken Noodle Cake
$14.50 $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $14.50
Beef $4.50
Clamp $4.00
Cake $15.00
Noodle $2.50
 table 1 - all selected dishes
ID Name Price Qty Sub-T
1 Beef  $5.49 1 $5.49
2 Noodle  $2.34 1 $2.34
4 Broccoli  $3.00 1 $3.00
5 Rice  $4.55 1 $4.55
Total: 15.38

How to use the system to do business:

First assign a number to each table in your restaurant, if a table is share by many groups, append a, b, c, to the end of the table number to differentiate them.

New ( Create a New Table ):
You have to "New" a table for every group of new coming customers. "New" prepares a table for a new group of customers. This group of customers will bind to the table, they are responsible to all spending on this table. After "New" a table, the table is becoming the active table, all dish selections will be added to the active table. Only one table can be the active table at a given time.

Tk-Out ( Takeout ):
This is used for takeout order only. To order, enter the customer name, to speed up the input, the name is not required to enter in full; only part of the name is required. If the customer is shown in the address list, pick the customer by clicking on the name. Otherwise, fill out the form for the new customer.

Chg-Tbl ( Change Active Table ):
"Chg-Table" enables you to change the current active table. To take order for customers, first change the active table to the table that the customers are sitting.

Using Order/Menu/Search Dish/Customize, you can add dishes to the selection, once confirmed, the selection will be sent to the kitchen of cooking.

Confirm the selection and send to kitchen for processing. You can repeat the cycle many times, all selections will be collected into one bill for the table until "check out".

Check ( Check Out ):
When a customer finished the meal and ready to leave, click "Chg-Tbl" change the active table to the table which this customer use. Click "Check" bring up the bill, after receiving payment from the customer, click "Pay&Print".

After confirm the selection, order is sent to the kitchen for processing. Pick an item to cook by clicking "Begin"; when cooking is finished, click "Done" to remove the item from the list.